Welcome to Suds, Sawdust & Such Craftworks (SSS)!

Suds, Sawdust & Such is our creative outlet. Welcome to our madness.

We (Suds & Such = Me and Sawdust & Such = Hubby) are an old married couple who both enjoy artisan crafting, in various mediums.  We created this store in hopes that others will want to enjoy, and share, our finshed craftworks. 

Our craft mediums are artisan and natural soap, floral and wreaths, sewing, woodturning, carpentry, and combinations of epoxy, resin, and wood. So, it's safe to categorize us as an eccletic mash up :)

All of our items are handcrafted. Therefore, no two items will ever be identical, even when they are from the same batch. SSS store will have limited product lines and limited quantities. At least, at first. Suds & Sawdust both continue working "real jobs," so time can be limited and our crafting space is quite restrictive. We both craft in a very crowded spaces of our home.

Please, check back frequently! Our inventory will change as often as our ceativity strikes (and time permits).

Again, Welcome! We hope you like our creativity.

Best regards,